The 2022 Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

On the 2nd of November most of the students and I from Saint Patrick School went to Dunkirk Park for the Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament,  They were 4 teams per school one Boys Room 7 Team One Boys Room 8 Team and its the same for the girls .

When we got there I was pretty scared of the sheer size and speed of the people we were versing against and telling my friend were gonna get wasted but we got stopped by Mr.Bell but he gave us advice to worry about our selves ( i’m pretty sure ) then we went to our spot and put all of our bags there and take a rest.

When our games was almost gonna start our coach he taught us warm ups and gave us some tips which were very efficient in our games. In our first game I’d say it was our most winnable game and my team and I some crazy plays from the other team.

At the end my team got last place but our girls Room 8 team got 2nd place and the Room and our final scores adding up all of our teams wins and draws is 5, 3 wins and 2 draws we didn’t get 1st but we had lots of fun and it was a beautiful sunny day to be playing in. I hope we get this opportunity again


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