Why We Should Learn To Control Pests

We should learn to control pests because they are a huge nuisance to the earth. 


Pests hurt our environment and nature like farms and other places where plants grow. They hurt farms by digging holes around and they also eat seed seedlings reducing the amount of crops grown. They also cause damage to the trees and plants with their claws and burrowing. 


Pests eat bird eggs and young creatures, Which is really bad because most birds are important to us and the earth cause they provide good things for the earth, Some birds like the kakapo will fly far try to get food for their baby birds but the baby birds are now exposed to anything that can eat the baby birds and bird eggs.


So in conclusion try to keep an eye on pests and if you have a chance use traps against them to keep the pests count low.

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Hello my name is Justin and I’m in room 7 year 6 and my Teacher is Mr.Bell . My culture is Filipino and New Zealand and I was born here . I have a sister and a brother living with my family here in New Zealand. The rest of my older siblings are in Philippines . My Favorite sports are Soccer and Rippa Rugby . I enjoy hanging out with my friends during school holidays In the weekends .

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