Ballet In a Box

Have you ever seen a whole school entertaining themselves and others by playing so mokolo I think not but, the whole of Saint Patrick School and others were invited to a live ballet performance called Ballet in a Box, I was going there with an open mind thinking it would just be meh but we were lucky we got invited cause the show was amazing the ballet the lights the costume and the music was top notch and I can tell my friends were thinking the same it was that good.

The First performance was Classical Ballet it was about 2 lovers at a flower festival there was more depth to it but I don’t really remember.

The Second performance was Contemporary Ballet a month ago we were taught a bit of the dance the stage also had music from a New Zealand Band.

The Third was a Guy doing Contemporary and a Girl doing Classical Ballet at the same time but what really surprised me is someone said switch then they swapped styles that was pretty unique.

The Last but not least was called Mahina it was about 2 lovers realizing some of our actions would hurt our earth.

I really loved the Ballet and I would die to come for another performance in the future.

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