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Room 8 Experiences Canoeing 2023

On the 15th of March the Year 7 and 8’s went to the Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club to have a go at canoeing.

When we all got off the bus and sat down near their garage we made teams of 5.  The coaches taught us how to use the paddles and what to expect in the wkak. We all walked down to the canoes and got to our positions.

We started paddling, it was pretty fun until after 5 minutes and my hands were hurting like crazy. I hit my hands on the canoe by accident slamming them with the paddle. The salty water got into my eyes, just everything was hurting. Our coach told us to not paddle any more, have a break and enjoy the sea. He talk about the back story of the area. It was a nice time just chilling out from all the paddling and looking at the beautiful sea. It was only for 5 minutes UNTIL WE RACED THE OTHER TEAM. We had a lot of strong people on our team and they have mostly girls but the thing is we didn’t HAVE ANY COORDINATION while the team we were racing against were counting every time they paddled. They were incredibly in sync while we are off time. Our coach didn’t say anything but it ended in a tie cause our brute strength still kinda worked.

After that the second race happened it was basically the first race but we were extra tired as we didn’t get a break after, and we lost to be fair they had better paddles with wood and a better canoe I’m just trying to make an excuse for why we lost. Then 1 minute after the race, the third race we used our hands which we actually won cause we had a lot of boy’s on our team with big hands.

After we got back to the shore our coach immediately chose me to get off cause I looked the most tired and the others who were tired I wasn’t even mad…I was tired. When they were all done canoeing we got the canoes back in their garage, changed, ate our morning tea and got to the bus to go school safely. It was a good experience I do want to learn more and I can’t get more excited when we go again in Term 2.

Clay Work 2023

This year Room 8 is reading a book based on World War II following a Jewish child named Georg trying to survive in Nazi Germany and his evacuation to London.

On the 10th of March we used clay to make a critical moment from the book. My group chose the scene where Georg, the main character, sees the destruction of London and his favorite place the Library is gone.

The Library was his favorite place as he liked the children’s books that taught him about animals and helped him learn more English. There was also a worker who cared about him and treated him with kindness.

HELLO – 2023

Kamusta my name is Justin and I’m a year 7 at Saint Patrick’s School  in New Zealand. I’m Filipino but I spent most of my life in New Zealand. I live with my parents and with my brother and sister. My favorite subject is math because its fun to use numbers symbols and algorithms. My hobbies are playing games with my family and friends and spending time with my cats. And that’s all I have to say about myself but I hope you come back for my blog posts.

The 2022 Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament

On the 2nd of November most of the students and I from Saint Patrick School went to Dunkirk Park for the Tamaki Cluster Touch Tournament,  They were 4 teams per school one Boys Room 7 Team One Boys Room 8 Team and its the same for the girls .

When we got there I was pretty scared of the sheer size and speed of the people we were versing against and telling my friend were gonna get wasted but we got stopped by Mr.Bell but he gave us advice to worry about our selves ( i’m pretty sure ) then we went to our spot and put all of our bags there and take a rest.

When our games was almost gonna start our coach he taught us warm ups and gave us some tips which were very efficient in our games. In our first game I’d say it was our most winnable game and my team and I some crazy plays from the other team.

At the end my team got last place but our girls Room 8 team got 2nd place and the Room and our final scores adding up all of our teams wins and draws is 5, 3 wins and 2 draws we didn’t get 1st but we had lots of fun and it was a beautiful sunny day to be playing in. I hope we get this opportunity again


Cyber-smart Challenge #7 Google Drawn Fish

If you’re taking an image of your work instead of save as image put your cursor on the image you want and use two fingers to touch the pad then press copy image, after go to your google doc slides or drawing and use Ctrl v to paste the image to your work, Its way faster than doing it the normal way,

And check if the image is free to use cause they might copy right you.

Lifting A Line

In Room  7 this week for our writing Mr Bell taught us how to “lift a line”. It made everyone’s writing more interesting and it hooks the reader to read more. I really enjoyed doing this method, I’ll show you my the magic it did with my writing when I’m finished.