Year: 2023

Nuclear Protest Poem

The sky looks very clear, the birds fighting over a piece of bread

Seagulls squaking and flying around

Hearing the crashes of the waves

The splashes of the waves is nice to the ear.


Police Sirens

Scared because i’m in a wooden boat

The smoke spreading around our area

Rocking yacht makes a attentive moan.


People of our country protesting

The screams of the people

“You have no right to this”

Furious, I can’t believe this is happening!

Ki-O-Rahi Tournament 2023

Yesterday our school held a Ki-O-Rahi tournament of Year 5’s 6’s 7’s and 8’s, The game was played with rippa tags and teams of 7, everyone was put into teams of 4 which were our houses I was in Kauri and the others were Rimu, Rata and Totara. There was a schedule for each match and the people who were gonna play, while I was looking at the schedule I saw that I was only gonna play once and that was the very first match versing Rata at 11:20 and ended in 11:40 but I asked if I could sub in for a absent player at 12:20 ended at 12:40 sadly I was versing my own team.

The games were tough and close matches the first game my team won then the second game I played was a lost but it was a very even match, The tournament ended with Kauri taking the crown winning with a 3-0 record.

I really loved playing in this tournament I hoping we do this again in the future.

Letter to the President of France (Bomb Gone Project)

Dear President Jacques Chirac 


I hope this letter finds you well.


I kindly request you to stop testing in the Pacific. The radiation is killing our resources in the Pacific. Fish and vegetation are dying. Children are being born disabled.  We can not survive if you continue.


So please stop testing here and start testing underground in France so we are not hurt.


From Justin Manderico

A Letter of Advice – Everyday Theater 2023

Dear Becca

I’ve been having a great time since you and Brian moved in and also i’m also very sorry for making you do my homework for me I just get really tired after school, But the reason I sent you this letter is because I wanted to give a letter of advice and that is to be patient, Wait for us to form a loving family and let me settle in with this new family, Then I can be the best brother you want me to be.

From your brother T

Measuring Angles with Protractors 2023

On one morning we learned what angles is and how to measure them with a protractor, We started with Ms. George putting some tape over our tables so we had to measure the angles that the tape formed and write our answer down near the angle. When we started me and my friends were quickly measuring angles and double checking for some of the difficult ones, While we were working Ms. George taught us that the interior angles of a triangle always added up to 180 degrees, We finished in about 5 minutes then began doing some other work but next week we pulled all the tape off it was really satisfying!

Room 8 Epro8 Challenge 2023

On the 28th of April the school got us 6 boxes from Epro8 that means Engineering Problem Solving and Innovative. Epro8 is a engineering program that will explain how to make things with aluminium bars, Blue and Red Connectors, Small rope, reel, Nails, Wing nuts, Gears, Crank handle, Axles, Pulleys and wheels they also supply you with 2 screwdrivers and a measuring tape. Our teacher separated to groups of 4 except for my group who had 5, My team were me Nino, Julio, Jaeden and Evon.

Our first activity was blowing up a hut but the activity was not about blowing it up a hut but building a hut which didn’t include actually blowing up a hut, The activity wants you to build a hut  700 by 500 and approximately 500mm off the ground and create a roof and it allows 400mm object that can be inside, Then after that you have to build a draw-bridge which you can use the crank handle to control it.

After the blowing up a hut activity our second building a dump truck and the bed and you have to put a lever which will make the bed tilt and pour out trash, Also there was a list of measurements we have to follow. And we had stunt man it was a huggy wuggy plushie my friend brought to school.


The final activity we did was making a playground but our teacher wanted us to do something different instead making a full playground we just had to make 3 things in a playground like slides swings monkey bars all sorts of stuff, My team made a slide, swing and a merry go round.

Epro8 was very fun and interesting with the things we made, I hope we can do Epro8 next year!


This week for R.E we had to research on an advocate which is a person who puts a case on someone else’s behalf, I chose Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for African Americans Rights and wanted everyone to be treated with equality.

People who may need an Advocate in their life

How can I be an Advocate Kai Korero like Jesus:

Help them and show hospitality to people like them that potentially needs help like helping an elderly neighbor by doing small kind gestures like helping them taking out the trash or help a a person in a wheel chair cross the road giving money to a homeless person these small gestures could lead to something big for them.