My experience with Blake NZ-VR

On the 24th of May the school invited a program called BLAKE NZ-VR which is from Sir Peter Blake a New Zealand yachtsman, Who is known for winning Whit bread the round race in 1989 and has many victories in the America Cup, But unfortunately he died in 2001 and BLAKE NZ-VR is created to show the love and care for the sea by help teaching children how to help the ocean and what humans do that harms it.

When we are all about to go in the library we saw VR (Virtual-Reality) headsets on the floor next to each other then a guy named Thomas asked all of us to down behind a headset after he introduced what Blake NZ-VR is he told us to put on the headset.

With VR headsets you can get a 360 degrees look when your watching a video that can allow 360 camera movement.

I first saw a group of fishes at the bottom of the ocean then Thomas switched it to a video it was a montage of a short clip of every video we were gonna see and I saw dolphins, sharks, whales, rainbow fish, penguins etc, When the first actual video played it was dolphins swimming near the surface and the camera was connected to a boat after the video another played I saw a whale swimming and heard it sing then a another whale came and singed and a another one followed then there was 3 whales singing the same song when the video finished, I was stunned how the whales could sing then after that we saw what looked like a kind of seals in a pond.

Thomas explained some facts about the creatures we saw like whales comes back to a spot every year to sing a song and they take some parts of each others songs and put in their own song and the whales were called southern right whale and the seals were called New Zealand sea lions. We saw a lot more like creatures like yellow eyed penguins, killer whales, sting rays, sharks, hump back whales and pilot whales.

But the most important part of why he wanted show is this is because humans hurt the ocean and the creatures in it like polluting the ocean with oil and over fishing etc, We can help in a lot of different ways like putting a limit of how many fish we can catch or never litter again. The ocean is very important to the earth the ocean feeds us with it’s creatures it regulates our climate and generates most of the oxygen we breath.

I felt very excited at the end after knowing what to do to save and protect this ocean of ours, Maybe you can help it too by checking out BLAKE NZ-VR.

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